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Core Connections Counselling


Feeling disconnected? Stuck? Anxious? Overwhelmed?

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor passionate about utilizing an integrated approach and our nervous system to help people move toward increased health and wellness. I am here to hold space for you, not to judge or give advice, but to provide a safe environment to hear you, to guide you to reflect, to help you process, uncover, discover, and heal.


Neuroscience is making a profound contribution to our understanding of how we function as human beings. Accessing our nervous system enables us to resource how we are wired to build awareness and regulate. We can then expand our tolerance toward discomfort, negative influences, and trauma and find coping strategies to decrease anxiety, depression, stress and tension.


My hope is that we can collaborate together to identify your strength and resources, to help you connect with yourself, others, and the world around you.



  1. We have an intrinsic capacity for growth and change.

  2. The healing process is enhanced when we are able to bring greater regulation to our autonomic nervous system.

  3. Understanding ourselves helps us make sense of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

  4. When we have the support needed, we can move through difficult life experiences and change unhelpful patterns.



We are all on a journey. A journey to discover ourselves, build authentic relationships, and accept and thrive in our surroundings. Sometimes circumstances or limitations lead us to not living to our fullest potential.


Using a Polyvagal approach (exploring and regulating your autonomic nervous system and states), informed by somatic and mindful strength-based practices, we will develop strategies to recognize what contributes to stress and access resources to help overcome. Polyvagal Theory gives us a map to bring the autonomic nervous system into the process of therapeutic change. If you are interested in learning more about Polyvagal click here.

Counselling can help make connections:

  • Connect your thoughts, emotions and behaviour 

  • Make connections in your nervous system to access a state of calm rather than distress 

  • Help you find support, resources, and yourself

I offer individual, couple, and group therapy. While my primary focus is anxiety, I enjoy working with all walks of life and aspects of wellness.


Individual one-hour sessions are $120.00.

Couple therapy is $120.00 for a one-hour session, however I encourage couples to engage in two-hour sessions for $200.00. 

I am excited to offer anxiety group therapy for adults and adolescents, 2-hour weekly sessions for 10 weeks for $500.00. Using the Polyvagal theory we will explore and establish coping strategies to overcome anxiety together. Click here to register for a future group.

If you are interested in reading more about anxiety/depression, click here.


Therapy requires courage. Taking that first step can help you assess your resources, overcome obstacles, and live out your intended best self.



I have over 25 years of relational leadership experience and influence. I come from a place of curiosity and am client-centered. I have a deep understanding of interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, anxiety, grief, and loss. I believe we are wired for connection: connection with others, our surroundings, and ourselves. Using a strength-based approach and experiential therapy, together we can create new patterns, find agents for change, and overcome a limited sense of self. Empathetic understanding can offer connection, perspective and hope.  


I am a wife, mom, daughter, friend and advocate in the community. I love being in nature and all things outdoors – hiking, biking, camping, skiing… I love to connect with friends on a walk or over a good cup of coffee with a scone. 



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